Ashley Interiors Design Competition

Every year Braxton-Culler and Ashley Interiors hosts a contest exclusively for the Interior Design Trade in High Point, North Carolina.  In 2017, Kathy Gordon Interiors was selected to participate. Four teams competed head-to-head using only furniture and accessories from the Ashley Interiors showroom floor (each team started with only a neutral sofa in their space!) All teams drew an address from a hat – Kathy Gordon Interiors picked Savannah, GA.  Teams then had an hour to “shop” and ONLY a half-hour to design their space. Addresses for this competition included also included addresses from, Chicago, IL, Key West, FL, and Nantucket, MA.  

Clock’s started; pressure was on. Our design team ran like crazy with a shopping cart, like a bull in a china shop around the showroom floor.  Kathy loved our location because she loves Savannah and all of its rich history. Kathy really enjoyed blending the traditional accessories with neutral and playful fabrics to give the Kathy Gordon Interiors space a contemporary spin.